Artstory Advisors | 2015 July
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July 2015


Artstory Advisors Coming Soon

Kristina Semenovskaya today announced the September 2015 launch of Artstory Advisors LLC, a diversified art brokerage, advisory and interior design firm.

“Artstory Advisors is truly a full service art brokerage, interior design and consulting firm,” states Semenovskaya, the company’s president. “We don’t stop at advising our clients about what art to buy, and where and how to buy art. We develop complete strategies focused specifically on our clients’ needs and interests. In so doing, we take into account such important factors as effective and timely acquisition and disposition, value preservation and accretion, understanding of historical and thematic context, budgets, provenance validation, insurance, confidentiality, and storage needs. We also provide complete interior design and decorating projects solutions,” further explains Semenovskaya.

To this end, Artstory Advisors, LLC aims to address needs of both nascent and established art collectors as well as individuals, families, and institutions seeking expert guidance in interior design.

Semenovskaya is a former super-model who graced the covers of Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Madame Figaro, and many other international magazines. Before becoming an art advisor and interior designer, Semenovskaya modeled for such houses as Christian Dior, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Lanvin, and such designer names as Alexander McQueen and John Galliano. An artist herself, Semenovskaya earned degrees in sociology, art history, and interior design.

Artstory Advisors is the platform for bringing Kristina Semenovskaya’s art brokerage and interior design services to the U.S. market, focusing on turnkey personalized strategy that follows European tradition of understanding client needs and addressing them holistically and with the utmost discretion. “Think of Artstory Advisors as a multi-family office for art acquisition, education, and functional implementation,” posits Semenovskaya.

Since 2009 Semenovskaya has been advising European clients on art acquisitions and providing turnkey interior design solutions.

Artstory Advisors, LLC is a diversified art brokerage, interior design, and consulting firm based in Newport Beach, CA. It offers client-service capabilities throughout North America and around the world through a network of correspondent brokers and consultants.


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