Artstory Advisors | 2016 December
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December 2016


A Light and Spacious Home with a Warm Interior in Kiev

A couple in Kiev, Ukraine were empty nesters and wanted to finally create a house all their own. To make their dream happen, they hired Nelly Prodan Studio, who worked in collaboration with Krill Konstantinov, to design a light-filled home that had a natural feel. Using off-whites, warm woods, and black accents, the house evokes a cozy modern space the couple desired.

– Caroline Williamson

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An Outdated Montauk Home Becomes Modern Retreat

Once an outdated house in Montauk is now a beautiful modern retreat that was designed by Décor Aid on a minimal budget. The homeowner couple wanted the beach home to feel serene, but with playful elements and moments of glam. Crisp white walls are paired with grey floors and black details keeping the interior cohesive and contemporary.

– Caroline Williamson

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Technology + Bauhaus = The Ultimate Modern Bathroom

Litze (pronounced LEETS-zuh) is the newest bath collection from Brizo. But like all Brizo collections, it’s more than just a luxurious way to take your daily shower (although it certainly is that!). The Brizo design process is rooted in historical inspiration (last year’s trip to Wright’s houses, spawned the Rook™). This year, the team went a little further afield (historically speaking): to the Bauhaus.

– Amy Azzarito

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Home Art Design Photography Architecture DIY More Submissions Ethereal Marbled Paintings By Emma Lindström

Artist Emma Lindström from Sweden creates gorgeous marbled paintings… “This is my artwork. Although, I would not call it work. This is what I want to do, what I have to do in life. This is the path I found, or the path that found me, one which I’ve never been able to stray from since.”
– 123 Inspiration