Artstory Advisors | 2016 December
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December 2016


Monumental Pen & Ink Drawing Took 3.5 Years To Complete

Japanese artist Manabu Ikeda has created this Stunning Giant Pen & Ink Drawing entitled “Rebirth” The artist started working on his art piece back in 2013 inside a basement studio at the Chazen Museum of Art in Madison, Wisconsin. He spent 10 hours a day working on his 13×10 foot piece and it took him 3.5 years to finish it.

-123 Inspiration


Renovated London Penthouse Exudes “New York Loft” Feel

Set in an old exchange building in Shoreditch, London, the latest Callender Howorth project involved the complete renovation of a spacious penthouse apartment. The owner’s brief requested a home that would feel like a New York loft; and so NYC’s desirable large spaces, high ceilings, and natural light instantly became the focus of the work.

– Lavinia

High Contrast Minimalist Apartment in Kiev

Designed by Sergey Makhno Architects, this minimalist apartment in Kiev, Ukraine was developed with functionality in mind. The crib is defined as a comfortable space for “both adventurers and sloths staying at home 24/7”; it is suitable for productive work, as well as for lying down with a book in your hand after a long day´s work is finished.

– Lavinia