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Artstory Advisors is the brainchild of Kristina Semenovskaia, a former international model, who left her modeling career to pursue her passion for the art and interior design.  It is a project that started in Europe and evolved into a business that now requires a systemic and scalable platform, and expansion into North America.


Inspired by her art oriented family and a childhood love for art, Kristina obtained training in art history and interior design, and began to advise her friends and family on what paintings to buy and how to decorate their homes, hotels, and multi-family development projects in Europe.  It is this experience and passion that has led Kristina to launch Artstory Advisors to continue to provide her clients with unique insight into collecting and decorating.  Kristina’s expertise is turning ordinary into unique on any budget.  To her art is transformational; it alters our lives in ways that only art can, giving us insight into what drives us to excel  and what hampers us.


Starting in 2009, Kristina began developing an art advisory and interior design business.  Her design and decorating projects range from luxury apartments and villas in Moscow to residences in South of France, Monaco, London, and Malibu.  Semenovskaya’s art collector clients range from individuals seeking to learn about art to savvy art collectors seeking to acquire rare old masters or sought after modern paintings.


Artstory Advisors delivers to our clients a multi-family office platform for all of their art and interior design needs.
In so doing, we focus on unique opportunities, value, provenance, and utter discretion.